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Motorsports: Falk, Babb sweep twin races at Langley

Motorsports: Falk, Babb sweep twin races at Langley

HAMPTON — C.E. Falk notched his fifth and sixth wins of the season by sweeping 63-lap twin Late Model Stock Car races, the headlining events of Saturday evening’s NASCAR Whelen All-American Series program at Langley Speedway.

Looking to rebound from last week’s last-lap disappointment, Nick Smith nabbed the pole for the opener, at 91.230 mph, and led the first 42 circuits.

Falk took command on lap 43, just after a restart, and quickly pulled away by four lengths. Nearing the finish, though, Smith began to narrow the gap.

Falk and Smith dueled nose-to-tail over the final handful of laps, with Falk holding on for the one-length win.

Greg Edwards, Matt Waltz and Terry Carroll were third, fourth and fifth, respectively.

In the nightcap, Falk led 62 of 63 laps from the pole to nail down his second win of the night.

While Falk showed the way, Waltz moved up to second, then battled into the lead on lap 15.

The pass left Waltz with significant body damage, however, and Falk retook the top spot on lap 16. Waltz was eventually forced to pit for repairs.

With Waltz out of contention, second place passed to Smith.

Between laps 28 and 51, the race was interrupted by five caution flags as the pit area began to fill up.

On each restart, Falk was able to hold Smith at bay, pulling away near the end to win by three lengths.

Smith was the runner-up, followed by Carroll, Dude Gibbs and Jeff Shiflett.

Twin Modified 30s:

Robbie Babb led all 60 laps on the way to his fifth and sixth victories of the season.

Babb earned the pole for the first event, qualifying at 89.841 mph.

Last week’s winner, Jimmy Humblet, posed a stern test for Babb until lap 19, when he dropped off the pace and headed for the pits.

Babb won by four lengths over Matt Slye. Shawn Balluzzo came from the back of the pack to take third, followed by Anthony Kincaid and Mike Rudy.

Thanks to his win in the first race, Babb also started the second race from the pole.

Balluzzo took over second on the start and slowly reeled in Babb over the first 19 laps, drawing to within a couple of car-lengths.

Caution flags on laps 20 and 24 blunted Balluzzo’s charge, however, and he dropped to fourth on the final restart.

Babb won by four lengths over Slye. Scott Lawrence was third, while Balluzzo and Rudy rounded out the top five.

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Legends 25:

Connor Hall started on the pole and stormed to his third win of the season.

Brad Hancock was second, holding off Spencer Saunders down the stretch. They were a straightaway behind the winner.

Chris Hildebrand and Steve Keesee completed the top five.

Pro Winged Champ Karts:

Tommy Jackson Jr. took the lead on the final circuit and scored his first win of the year.

Due a lengthy caution period, which raised fuel-mileage concerns, the race was called two laps short of the scheduled 20-lap distance.

Aaron Leach, who led laps 1-17 from the pole, ended up second, while Jeffrey Johnson, Matthew Leach and Ryan Hudgins rounded out the top five.

Bandolero 15:

Maddy Mulligan started on the pole and led all the way for her third win of the season.

Mason Diaz was second, half a straightaway behind, followed by Dashe McLaughlin, Timmy Tyrrell and Bradley Wilson.

Race #1:

  1. C.E. Falk
  2. Nick Smith
  3. Greg Edwards
  4. Matt Waltz
  5. Terry Carroll
  6. Casey Wyatt
  7. Dude Gibbs
  8. Dean Shiflett
  9. Mark Wertz
  10. Wes Falk
  11. Jeff Shiflett
  12. Jeremy Grogg
  13. Dylan Smith
  14. Brenden Queen
  15. Justin Carroll
  16. Duane Shreeves
  17. Jeff Oakley
    Pole: N. Smith - 91.230 mph.

Race #2:

  1. C.E. Falk
  2. Nick Smith
  3. Terry Carroll
  4. Dude Gibbs
  5. Jeff Shiflett
  6. Wes Falk
  7. Justin Carroll
  8. Greg Edwards
  9. Dylan Smith
  10. Matt Waltz
  11. Mark Wertz
  12. Brenden Queen
  13. Jeremy Grogg
  14. Casey Wyatt
  15. Dean Shiflett
  16. Duane Shreeves
    Pole: C.E. Falk - via Race #1 finish.

MODIFIEDS - Twin 30s
Race #1:

  1. Robbie Babb
  2. Matt Slye
  3. Shawn Balluzzo
  4. Anthony Kincaid
  5. Mike Rudy
  6. Danny Harrell
  7. Curtis Hughes
  8. Lauren Edgerton
  9. Scott Lawrence
  10. Tony Steele
  11. Chris Humblet
  12. Jack Sharkey
  13. Jimmy Humblet
    Pole: Babb - 89.841 mph.

Race #2:

  1. Robbie Babb
  2. Matt Slye
  3. Scott Lawrence
  4. Shawn Balluzzo
  5. Mike Rudy
  6. Danny Harrell
  7. Anthony Kincaid
  8. Jimmy Humblet
  9. Curtis Hughes
  10. Chris Humblet
  11. Jack Sharkey
  12. Lauren Edgerton
    Pole: Babb - via Race #1 finish.

LEGENDS - 25 laps

  1. Connor Hall
  2. Brad Hancock
  3. Spencer Saunders
  4. Chris Hildebrand
  5. Steve Keesee
  6. Tommy Jackson Jr.
  7. Matt Morgan
  8. Chris Raiford
  9. Ryan Center
    Pole: Hall - 81.771 mph.


  1. Tommy Jackson Jr.
  2. Aaron Leach
  3. Jeffrey Johnson
  4. Matthew Leach
  5. Ryan Hudgins
  6. Charlie-Ray Lorah
  7. Jake Harberts
  8. Josh Ayer
  9. Danny Millard
  10. Shawn Gervais
  11. David Millard
  12. Mike Bowman
  13. Jonathan Mullett
  14. Chris O'Brien
  15. Clifton Savage
  16. Brandon Brown
  17. Chris Bechtel
  18. Chris Sutton
  19. Brad Waltrip
  20. Harry Leach
  21. Scott Allen
  22. Angela-Marie Steele
  23. Matthew Dail
  24. Tommy Sweeney
  25. Amanda Frye
  26. Cullen Roberts
  27. Vaughan Crittenden
    Pole: A. Leach - 62.349 mph.
    • Race was shortened from 20 to 18 laps due
      to a couple of lengthy caution periods.

BANDOLEROS - 15 laps

  1. Maddy Mulligan
  2. Mason Diaz
  3. Dashe McLaughlin
  4. Timmy Tyrrell
  5. Bradley Wilson
  6. Trevor Wells
  7. Andrew Fortin
    Pole: Mulligan - 69.410 mph (division record).
Article Credit: Daily Press