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C.E. Falk Posts 6th and 7th Wins in Doubleheader Sweep

C.E. Falk Posts 6th and 7th Wins in Doubleheader Sweep

The lineup for the first race was set in afternoon time trials and division points leader Greg Edwards claimed the pole, at 87.892 mph. Falk was second-quickest, just 19-thousandths of a second off Edwards pace. Danny Edwards Jr., Wes Falk and Mark Wertz rounded out the top five on the 16-car grid.
As the opening event got under way, Edwards and Falk (Greg and C.E., that is) dueled side-by-side into Turns 1 and 2. Edwards gained the clear-cut edge off the second corner, while Falk settled into second. Behind them, Danny Edwards Jr. nosed ahead of Wes Falk for third.
On lap 2, Edwards Jr. cleared Wes Falk to take command of the third spot. Wertz tagged along with him, moving up to fourth and dropping Wes Falk to fifth. The exchange of positions allowed the lead duo to open a half-straightaway gap over the rest of the pack.
C.E. Falk made his first charge at Greg Edwards on lap 5, ducking to the inside of the leader in Turns 1 and 2. Edwards kept him at bay on that lap, but wasn't as fortunate on lap 6 when Falk drove past on the backstretch and took the lead into Turn 3.
While Falk and Edwards dueled nose-to-tail at the front of the field, Edwards Jr. had his hands full with Wertz, who was on the hunt for third place. After a couple unsuccessful forays, Wertz grabbed the spot on lap 16. Three laps later, Wes Falk also slipped past Edwards Jr. to take over fourth.
At the crossed flags, C.E. Falk was up by two lengths over Greg Edwards. With slower traffic looming in the leader's windshield, though, Edwards began to close ground. Falk and Edwards broke into the clear on lap 28 as Falk kept his lead mostly intact.
Deeper in the running order, Shayne Lockhart had picked off Edwards Jr. for the fifth position on lap 23. Soon, however, he found himself under attack by Casey Wyatt. He gave up the fifth spot on lap 29, then continued to hold down sixth, even as wisps of smoke began to trail from behind his machine. He finally dropped off the pace on lap 43 and made his way to the pits, retiring to a 12th-place finish.
Back at the front, Falk had stretched his lead over Edwards to three lengths. He lost some of that real estate on lap 42 when he tried to put a lap on Terry Carroll, who put up a tussle. Pulling ahead of Carroll, though, Falk quickly regained his three-length margin.
At the finish, C.E. Falk was the winner by 0.844-second about four lengths over Greg Edwards. Meanwhile, Wes Falk was third, swiping the spot from eventual fourth-place finisher Wertz on lap 48. Wyatt rounded out the top five.
Danny Edwards Jr. headed the second five, in sixth, followed by Jeff Shiflett, the final driver to complete the entire distance. Carroll was eighth, while Kevin Cunningham and Bruce Livingston completed the top 10.
In Victory Lane after the caution-free race, Falk was asked about his prospects for the second half of the doubleheader: It was just really hard to just try and conserve. Fifty straight is tough here at Langley. Glad to take it away from the 97 (Edwards) there and little brother came home third and we'll go get us another one. You can't win both of em without winning the first one.
The lineup for the second 50-lapper was determined by the finishing order of the first one, putting C.E. Falk and Greg Edwards on the front row.
As the race got going, Falk and Edwards staged a near-replay of the start of the first event, but with the roles reversed. Exiting Turn 2 for the first time, Falk grabbed the upper hand and Edwards dropped back to second. Wes Falk, Wertz and Danny Edwards Jr. emerged in third, fourth and fifth, respectively.
On lap 2, Wyatt and Shiflett scooted past Edwards Jr., knocking him from fifth to seventh. Meanwhile, Falk and Edwards had bolted from the pack, pulling off by nearly half a straightaway. And, by lap 11, that margin had doubled.
Falk held a three-length lead as the leaders prepared to confront slower traffic for the first time on lap 21. Falk freed himself of the lapped machines on lap 25, adding a car-length to his advantage in the process.
Fourth place changed hands on lap 28 as Wyatt slipped underneath Wertz off Turn 2 and gained the position as they motored off Turn 4. While Wertz mounted a rally, Lockhart closed in, looking to join the fray.
The only caution flag waved on lap 34 when J.T. Jackson looped his machine at the start/finish line. Bunching for a restart, Wes Falk gave up his third spot in line and pulled up on his brother's outside flank. He was joined up top by Wertz and Jackson.
Back under green, C.E. Falk cleared his brother as they reached Turn 1. Greg Edwards slipped ahead of the younger Falk off Turn 2 and set off after the leader.
Wyatt and Wertz were at it again on lap 36 and their brief tangle in Turn 2 allowed Lockhart to move up to the fourth position. Wyatt dropped into a side-by-side battle for fifth with Shiflett, while Wertz fell to seventh.
On lap 38, Shiflett cleared Wyatt with a hip check (to use a hockey term) off Turn 4. Wertz tagged along with Shiflett, then bypassed him on lap 39 for fifth place.
At the front, C.E. Falk had separated himself by four lengths from Edwards, who held a similar margin over third-place Wes Falk. Nearly half a straightaway divided the top three from fourth-place Lockhart.
Falk maintained his four-length advantage over the final 10 circuits and won by 0.856-second to complete the sweep. Greg Edwards was second, followed by Wes Falk, Lockhart and Wertz.
Wyatt came home in sixth, while Duane Shreeves, Shiflett and Cunningham also finished on the lead lap. Jackson was 10th at the end, a lap off the pace.
Rolling back into the winner's circle, Falk summarized the nightcap: It was hot and the action was tough. Greg, you've gotta be perfect to beat him and we had a really great car. It's one of our better cars in 2012, so I've gotta thank the whole crew for that. Little brother come up with another third-place finish, which is really good. I'm glad to be back in Victory Lane at Langley. It's been a month and we've been on the road, doing all these different Truck deals and racing this Late Model all over the country. Glad to be back home.
Continuing, Falk looked ahead to the division's next event, the July 28 Hampton Heat 200: It's a great warmup. We had two races that almost went caution-free, so we've gotta look at the tires and do all of our data and make sure we're on top of it cause the Eagle (a reference to Greg Edwards sponsor, Eagle 97.3 FM) is gonna be screamin for a win. So, we're just gonna keep him at bay and keep putting this Toyota up front.